Simple but important tips for traveling to Canada

In some cases, following some tips and rules may ruin your trip, so if you are preparing to travel to Canada, follow these tips.

Simple but important tips for traveling to Canada

Know the essential Canadian telephone numbers

Remember the telephone numbers of police, fire brigades, etc. for use in emergencies:

The emergency number for police, ambulance, and fire department: 911

The emergency number for contacting social services: 211

Contact number for information on places, offices, and people: 118

Have appropriate clothing with you

Note that temperatures and weather conditions vary from city to city in Canada. Before traveling, be sure to check the temperature of your destination city and be careful in choosing clothes. Be sure to always have warm clothes and umbrellas with you.

Canada's winters are very cold and temperatures can drop below 35 degrees. So if you have a problem with the cold, it is better not to choose winter to travel to Canada.

No smoking

In Canada, smoking is prohibited in public buildings, public transportation, and the workplace. In addition, creating noise, and disorder in the street, using vulgar words in public places, and finally creating ugly scenes in the street, is considered a crime, and the perpetrator is punished according to the law. That's why you will not encounter drunks or wanderers on the streets of Canada except in exceptional cases.

Do not take anything from anyone

If at the airport or even in the city, someone asks you to carry or move a package or luggage for him, apologize and reject his request.

Be careful when dealing with animals

Canada has strict animal rights laws. So be very careful when dealing with animals. Note, however, that brown and grizzly bears can be seen in Canada's natural parks during the summer. Therefore, when dealing with them, keep a reasonable distance, because harming them carries heavy penalties. If you have decided to camp in the forest, avoid dumping garbage and leaving food in the wild, as the smell will bring bears closer to you.

You should not forget about travel insurance

The cost of treatment in Canada is very expensive. Therefore, before traveling, be sure to buy travel insurance from reputable insurance companies.

Take care of your documents

All over the world, tourist areas are the top places for pickpocketing and theft. Canada is no exception. So when you go sightseeing, put your valuables in the hotel safe and always have a photo or a copy of your ID and passport with you instead of the original documents.

Never address Canadians in Eskimo or Hindi

When traveling to Canada, do not call the residents Eskimo. Because these terms are considered contempt. You can use the words First Nation and Inuit instead.

Watch Churchill

Churchill is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, known as the center of the polar bears. For this reason, many tourists travel to Churchill every year to visit these magnificent animals. If you travel to this country in the fall, do not miss visiting the fascinating city of Churchill.

Other interesting do's and don'ts in Canada

  • Ladder painting is prohibited in Alberta, Canada.
  • Keeping mice as pets is prohibited in Alberta.
  • It is against the law to swear in Toronto parks.
  • Horses are not allowed on the YOUNG Street in Toronto on Sundays.
  • Climbing is prohibited in Oshawa, Canada.
  • Glasses are banned from selling on World War I Day on November 11 in Ottawa.
  • Taxi drivers are not allowed to wear T-shirts in Nova Scotia.
  • Internet access above 56K is prohibited in Uxbridge Ontario.
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