Kookoo Morgh (Chicken kookoo) Recipe

Kookoo Morgh (Chicken kookoo) is one of the most popular types of Iranian kookoos that you can use as a quick lunch or dinner. To make chicken kookoo, you just need to grate cooked chicken and potatoes, then mix them with garlic, onion, eggs, spices and herbs and fry them in oil. To see the complete and step-by-step cooking tutorial of how to make chicken kookoo, stay with us in the following.

Kookoo Morgh (Chicken kookoo) Recipe
Ingredients for 4 peopleAmount
Chicken breast1
Parsley or chives2 tablespoons
Garlic2 cloves
Onion2 medium
Potato2 medium
Bread crumbs1 tablespoon
Salt and black pepperto taste
Liquid oil and turmericto taste

Kookoo Morgh Instructions

Step one To make chicken kookoo, first pour the potatoes with two glasses of water in a small pot and put it on the heat to cook. Then pour the chicken with two glasses of water and some turmeric in another pot and put it on the heat to cook.

Step two After the chicken and potatoes are fully cooked, we set them aside to cool slightly, then grate the potatoes and chicken with the medium side of the grater and pour them into a suitable and wide bowl.

Step three In this step, we grate the garlic and onion and squeeze out their excess water with our hands, then add them to the bowl containing the chicken. Then chop the parsley or chives and add them along with some salt, turmeric and black pepper to the other ingredients.

Step four In this step, we mix the kookoo ingredients well until they are uniform. It is better to knead the ingredients with your hand for a few minutes to make them more cohesive. Finally, we add the eggs to the kookoo mixture and knead the ingredients again for a few minutes.

Step five If you have time, it is better to put the kookoo mixture in the refrigerator for at least an hour to let it rest and become stickier. If you don’t have time, you can go straight to frying it after preparing the kookoo mixture.

Step six We put a suitable pan containing liquid oil on the heat and after the oil is hot, we either put the kookoo mixture in one piece or shape it into small pieces like potato kookoo in our hand and throw it in the oil to fry.

Tips for cooking chicken kookoo

Chicken kookoo with minced chicken With another method

you can also make this delicious kookoo and that method is using minced chicken. The steps of making kookoo are no different, you just have to grind the chicken with a meat grinder instead of cooking and grating it and add it to the other ingredients.

Chicken kookoo with mushrooms

To make this delicious kookoo with mushrooms, first chop the mushrooms into slices and fry them with a little oil until they are completely browned and their excess water is completely absorbed, then after they are completely cooled, add them to the kookoo mixture.

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