Get to know the Cuban festivals

Cuba, like the rest of Latin America, has happy people, they take every opportunity to rejoice and celebrate, in the following, we will get acquainted with Cuban festivals.

Get to know the Cuban festivals

Cuban culture is full of excitement, meaning that hundreds of different festivals and events are held throughout the year throughout the island nation. The streets take on a different mood in July for the Santiago de Cuba Festival. The Havana Carnival is another important festival celebrated this month. Havana is an important center for holding the largest cultural and arts festivals in the country. However, a large number of these events are also held outside the center, and some of them are of national importance. The Cuban government has always tried to promote the culture of this country and organizes a lot of festivals throughout the year.

Havana Jazz Festival

There are many jazz-related events in Cuba at different times of the year, but by far the most important event is the Havana Jazz Festival. This festival is held every year in February in concert halls all over the city and in addition, it includes passionate street performances. Important international names such as Dizzy Gillespie are among the delegates participating in this annual festival.

International Book Fair

Book lovers will be delighted to know that the literary arena of this country is very exciting and flourishing. The exhibition, which kicks off in Havana in February, will also travel to major Cuban cities. The Cuba Book Fair brings together the best national and international literary works and is also a place for dialogue, book reading, poetry reading, and concerts.

Havana Carnival

The Havana Carnival used to be held in February, but the celebration has now moved to July. The Havana Carnival is a parade that is held in every neighborhood with dancing and singing. For a whole year, the costumes and ceremonies of this carnival are worked on so that all the shows can be held in a passionate atmosphere. Serving a variety of Cuban delicacies is one of the main reasons for participating in this carnival while in Havana.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the largest and most famous festival in the country in the city of the same name. The streets of the city become a big party during the day and night for a whole week in July. The whole ceremony is accompanied by food, music, and carols, and food stalls and performance scenes are set up all over the streets. One of the important features of this festival is a great musical performance in Moncada Castle that should not be missed.

National Comedy Festival

The National Comedy Festival is held every year in early July in the center of the country. The festival brings together some of the best comedians from all over the country for a week and brings laughter and joy. This event can be an ointment for the pain caused by the scorching sun in the hottest month of the year.

Latin American International Film Festival

Held in early December, the festival draws hundreds of thousands of film buffs from around the world to Cuba each year. The festival has been running in Havana since 1979 and has seen big names in the film industry such as Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, and Oliver Stone.

Las Parandas de Remedius

Travelers traveling to Cuba in December should spend their Christmas in the country and visit the small village of Remedios, just outside the city of Santa Clara. Fireworks and a large street party are featured at the Las Parrandas de Remedios festival.

American House Literary Award

The American House Cultural Institute, with the support of the Cuban government, has been hosting this important event with the participation of Latin American and Caribbean writers since 1959. Poetry, stories, articles, and teen stories are part of the festival. The judges will analyze more than 650 works from 25 countries and the winners will be announced on the final day of the festival. Pablo Neruda and Gabriel Garcia Marquez have been previous winners of this literary award.

Havana Cigarette Festival

More than a thousand spectators from 60 countries watch Cuban factories and tobacco farms in Cuba for 5 days. Other parts of the festival include a dinner, a cigarette shopping fair, new products, competitions, training classes, and a cigarette test. Cigarette enthusiasts can learn more about the process of making tobacco and making the best Cuban cigarettes. For the first time in 50 years, American citizens can bring Cuban cigarettes home.

Dance and Singing Festival

The weeklong festival features Latin American songs, training classes, lectures, guest artist performances, international percussion competitions, and a variety of performances throughout Havana. The drum and song festival, which began as a drum festival, now draws musicians, aspiring performers, and music lovers from all over the world to the city, creating happy moments for everyone. You do not need to buy musical instruments to attend training classes; All of these tools are available in the classroom.

International Documentary Film Festival

Numerous cultural organizations are responsible for organizing this important film festival. The International Documentary Film Festival kicked off in 2000 to honor the memory of Cuba's greatest documentary filmmaker, Santiago Alvarez, and to introduce the popular genre to the country. Attendees from around the world will attend seminars and film screenings in Spanish at the festival.

International Ballet Dance Conference

Performances, training classes with leading professors, and international student ballet competitions are held every two years as part of the International Ballet Dance Festival at the Cuban National Theater in Havana. Students from different countries gather to share their interest in caroling and display their latest work in front of the eyes of art enthusiasts. The festival, which has been running since 1960, is one of the oldest cultural events in the world.

International Video Art Festival

The city of Camagüey hosts the International Video Art Festival. You should know that this festival is different from the International Documentary Film Festival. The Video Art Festival, one of Cuba's new cultural festivals, identifies emerging and emerging artists and analyzes the Spanish - language works. Artists do not have to pay to show their work.

Young Festival of the Cuban Institute of Cinematic Arts and Crafts

Cuba attaches special importance to the art of filmmaking. The Cuban Institute of Cinematic Arts and Crafts hosts an annual festival with the participation of representatives under the age of 35. Animation, feature films, and documentaries cover different parts of the festival. This festival usually goes to strange works and identifies them. Seminars and gatherings will also be held during the festival.

Spain Footprint Festival

Havana is full of respect and tradition because the whole country follows its Spanish history. Dance, music, poetry, visual arts, and theater gather under the umbrella of the art festival each year to introduce the different features of this Spanish-speaking region. The festival, which has been running since 1988, gives viewers a chance to face the best talent.

International Food Festival

The three-day food festival has been running since 2008 and seeks to promote Cuban food culture around the world. In addition to food, coffee and cigarettes are also given importance in this festival. Representatives from all over the world come to the festival to give lectures, attend exhibitions, training classes, and competitions, as well as try the food. The festival takes place at the luxury Varadero Hotel and draws thousands of Cuban food enthusiasts to the sunny beaches of Matanzas.

Romeria de Mayo

The city of Holguín hosts an ancient religious festival of Christianity that is accompanied by numerous ceremonies that herald the coming of spring. The religious gathering took place next to a wooden cross on top of Bayardo Hill in 1790 and became an official holiday in 1945. Today, the festival includes several smaller events in the form of spectacular events. Visitors can watch concerts, carols, and other entertainment alongside traditional ceremonies during the event.

Havana Biennial

The Havana Biennial Festival turns the city's colorful streets and promenades into a showcase for statues, sculptures, and other contemporary art. Past biennials have featured artists from South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. The new rules allow artists from around the world to participate in the festival. Local museums, schools, and galleries host exhibitions, film screens, training classes, lectures, and gatherings. This biennial, which has been running from 1984 until today, attracts many viewers and artists.

Ernest Hemingway International Fishing Tournament

The tournament is more than half a century old as a fishing and friendship event and is held at the Hemingway Beach Resort outside Havana. Fishermen participate individually or in groups in this 4-day festival and compete together for the prize of the biggest fish and also catching the first fish of any kind. Javelin, tuna, and other deep-sea fish are included in the various sections of the tournament.

Ernest Hemingway International Conference

The famous writer Ernest Hemingway loved Cuba. He spent two decades of his life in this country and wrote some of his most memorable works such as The Old Man and the Sea in Cuba; Therefore, it can be said that only this island country can fully express its love and affection for this author. Every year, Cuba hosts an international meeting in memory of this prolific author. Schools and enthusiasts gather for photo and film exhibitions and lectures at the Ambos Mundos Hotel, Hemingway's place of residence and work, for a time.

Caribbean Festival

The city of Santiago de Cuba has been paying homage to and preserving Cuban culture for more than 35 years. Parades, art exhibitions, performances, workshops, and festivals are held in the city for 8 days. Sometimes the ceremony, which occupies the interior, streets, and promenades of the city, is called the Fire Festival. The Havana Times writes: No cultural or social institution does not participate in the events of this festival. Spectators gather in city squares to watch fireworks and draw the devil.

Habana Art

Habanarte is one of the newest Cuban cultural events dedicated to honoring all the arts at the same time. Music, visual arts, drama, and dance are the different parts of this festival. More than a hundred artists or groups perform their works, and various cultural institutions put on performances. Dance and music workshops are held in different places. Plastic works of art, handicrafts, literature, audiovisual art, and theater are all on display at the festival.

Alicia Alonso Ballet Dance Festival

Every two years, Alicia Alonso and the Havana Ballet Dance Association bring together the best ballet dancers from around the world to participate in the festival. The festival takes place in the Great Hall of Havana Theater and includes a variety of performances.

Ibero-American Cultural Festival

Holguin is hosting this colorful event to commemorate the links between Spanish and Cuban culture. More than 300 artists from 20 countries are presenting their works. Concerts, carols, exhibitions, and other performances give the city streets, parks, theaters, and other cultural institutions a different atmosphere.

Havana Theater Festival

For more than 35 years, Havana has hosted performances and performances by local and international artists as part of a biennial festival. Workshops, exhibitions, and conferences surround all theaters, streets, parks, and public places of the city. Some provinces also participate in this festival. Each festival deals with a specific topic. More than 70 countries, including China, are sending artists, dancers, and musicians to the festival.

Marathon and Half Marathon Marabana

The city of Havana annually draws hundreds of runners from around the world to the streets of central Cuba during the Marabana Marathon and Half Marathon. The Marabana Marathon has been running for 30 years on the third Sunday in November and is 42 km long. Today, American delegates can also participate in these competitions. Disabled runners also participate in this competition. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in different categories.

Bani More Festival

The biennial music festival opened in 1980 to commemorate Benny Moré, a popular Cuban singer and composer who draws the best artists from across the country. During the festival in the city of Cienfuegos, music, carols and parties are held.

International Band Singing Festival

The first pieces of Cuban music were composed of group songs and anthems, so Cuba should cherish this melodic tradition. Bands from all over Cuba and around the world will travel to the country to attend the six-day event. They perform their group songs in theaters, local schools, and even factories, hospitals, and city squares. Popular musical styles at the festival include classical, modern, and traditional. Workshops, competitions, and related events complete the event.

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